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San Diego: Taking the Pulse of the Biotech Industry

By Angela Woodall, Healthcare and Environmental Reporter. San Diego brings to mind images of sunny beach fronts and surfers for many. For others, the California coastal city is a biotech center worth billions of dollars in research funding and activity in biotech and life sciences, major drivers behind San Diego’s innovation economy. Reports over the […]

Building Bridges Between Promise and Reality: The Road Ahead for Clinical Trials in 2019

By Angela Woodall, Healthcare and Environmental Reporter. Challenges faced by researchers trying to translate stem cell based therapies into real-life treatments could be likened to the 1969 lunar landing: Even though they’re operating at a different scale, both had to start with a number of unknowns and build the necessary infrastructure along the way. The […]

Trends in Ophthalmology Clinical Trials

By Angela Woodall, Healthcare and Environmental Reporter. From simple cell forms, the eye matures and develops into one of the most intricate sensory organs, capable of detecting, converting, and interpreting light signals, an exquisitely complex feat. How this happens involves genetic and cellular factors that interact with and regulate each other. The origins of ophthalmology, […]

AAO 2018: The Art and Science of Ophthalmology

By Angela Woodall, Healthcare and Environmental Reporter. The theme of this year’s AAO conference – the event right now for all things ophthalmology — is Art + Science. The science part is obvious in that practice is based in science, and clinical trials provide the basis for breakthrough techniques and technologies. The connection between that […]

Veeva R&D Summit North America: A Window Into The Future

Joshua Elvert, Senior Business Development Manager at PRC Clinical, attended the 2018 Veeva R&D Summit in Philadelphia, PA, this week. Here is what he learned and why we believe this is an important summit for any clinical trial professionals and decision-makers looking for more agile and integrated eClinical solutions. Fast-Moving, User-Driven eClinical Software Veeva Systems […]

World Alzheimer’s Day: Progress and expectations against the Disease

By Angela Woodall, Healthcare and Environmental Reporter. Behind the outward cognitive warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease — decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills — is a build-up of abnormal protein deposits that cause brain cells to die. When Biogen and Eisai Co., Ltd. In July announced additional Phase II clinical trial results of BAN2401, a […]

Boston Biotech Hub: The Biopharma Pipeline

Boston goes hand-in-hand with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, big name universities linked to the people behind everything from Arpanet to Facebook. Indeed, MIT helped to make the term technology part of our modern lexicon. But while Boston may have a reputation as a powerhouse incubator for computing, the city and neighboring Cambridge are […]

Parkinson’s Awareness Month: An Insider’s Look at the State of Research

By Angela Woodall, Healthcare and Environmental Reporter. Parkinson’s disease was first diagnosed two centuries ago. Today it ranks among the most common degenerative disorders. However, a resolution is stubbornly elusive, as is the case with many diseases of the central nervous system despite a multitude of clinical trials. Patients and advocates are keenly aware of […]