Clinpulse is an ongoing series of expert panel discussions on topics related to the advancement of clinical research. Our event on April 6th, 2016 in South San Francisco explored the impact of the millennial generation on clinical trials, and understand how this change in the workforce is driving a change in how we run and think clinical trials.

John Silowsky
John Silowsky
Director, Clinical Operations at Nektar Therapeutics
James Denmark
James Denmark
CEO & Founder at myClin
Nadia Bracken
Nadia Bracken
Founder of ClinOps Toolkit
Micah Woong
Moderated by Micah Woong
Account Executive at Aerotek

Nadia: I believe so deeply in connection, and I think it’s this belief that we connect, we discover new ways to be extraordinary effective at work that is one of the cornerstones of the millennial generation.

Micah: One of the biggest cost for any employers is human capital. Associated with this cost are the costs to recruit and train. If this industry is constantly turning over people, how does that impact our ability to run a trial?

John: I find that challenges or opportunities to explore and do something new, exciting, and different is what motivates anybody to jump ship: If you can keep the work environment fresh and challenging, you’re more likely to retain talents.

John: I think we’re more likely to have difficulty retaining the most seasoned individuals that we will have to attract and retain a generation of people who are, by nature, attracted to innovation. The opportunity to set the pace to discover new grounds is going to make the industry more attractive rather than less.

Jim: The millennials already are the majority in our work force. I’m already working with principal investigators who are all millennials. They’re already moving in to these decision making positions.

Nadia: In the next 9 years, over 75% of the work force will match that demographic. Thanks to the internet and social media, their message is going to go further than any generation before.

Jim: When you look at the new technology platforms, and using myClin as an example, it’s easy to use, more user-friendly, and based off design principles where usability is a key value point. I see this technology wave that is rolling through the entire society and now starting to roll into clinical research.

James: We really look for people that are hands-on and engaged, because companies can’t scale on the surface anymore.

John: We can create a better work environment for millennials by recognizing that leadership and management doesn’t have to be separate from operations and execution.

Nadia: Millennials are about Community, Collaboration, and Non-conformity!

John: The key to being successful as a millennial in this work force is to question, to be creative, to bring what is unique, to ask the question “why”?


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