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Clinical Payment Services


With more than 10 years of clinical payments experience in local and multinational clinical trials, we have successfully managed clinical site & Investigator payments with a comprehensive understanding of clinical trial budgets, finance and accounting specific to clinical studies.

Eclipse™ is a clinical payment service customized for each Sponsor and study to ensure that you will receive personalized service from our payment team.

  • Clinical sites can be initiated quickly when start-up payments are efficiently disbursed
  • EDC data used to determine which visits should be paid
  • Easy-to-read Site Statements that provide Sponsors and sites with detailed listings on a subject visit level, as well as a historical record of all payments made to date
  • Payment Analysts ensures that payments are made within the terms of the clinical trial agreements and, based on EDC data
  • Single point of contact for sites
  • Monthly accrual reporting and expense forecasting as well as support for Financial Statement audits.
  • Sponsor cash flow is optimized by real-time funding
  • Developed and current full SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)