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Proactive Patient Enrollment Strategies for Clinical Operations Professionals

October 3, 2017

Clinpulse is an ongoing series of expert panel discussions on topics related to the advancement of clinical research. Our event on Sept 21st, 2017 in Boston brought together industry experts to discuss patient enrollment strategies.

Melissa Price
Melissa Price
VP, Clinical Development, TARIS Biomedical
Roger D. Nolan, Ph.D
Roger D. Nolan, Ph.D
Co-Founder, President and COO, Biokier
Carole Ann McEvoy
Carole Ann McEvoy
Clinical Study Manager, PRC Clinical
Faith Kolb
Faith Kolb
VP, Biometric Operations, SDC
Faith Kolb
Bryce Warren, Ph.D
Executive Consultant in Clinical Operations


Introduction at ClinPulse Boston

Working with Local Teams

The Most Valuable Site Quality Metrics in Tracking Enrollment

Communicating with Sites and Understanding their Approach to Patients

Start Site Selection with Patients, Not Sites

Identifying Under-Performing Sites Early

Technology: Myth & Reality

Patients Becoming More Savvy

Site Selection and Technology Adoption

Building and Maintaining Relationships with Sites

Site Management and Cultural Differences

Lessons Learned from an Over-Promising Site

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