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Your Clinical Trial Deserves TLC From PRC

Monitoring Services

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Customized Team

Located throughout North America, our Clinical Research Associate (CRA) team is made up of only seasoned staff that averages over 15 years of site monitoring experience. Our regional CRA team is highly scalable and has a remarkably low turnover rate, ensuring consistent and reliable coverage for study sponsors and sites.

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Integrated Functional Service

Look no further than PRC for a reliable team to conduct regional monitoring of your study. Our experienced team is always available to provide the monitoring “A-team” you’ve been searching for. With our expertise and team-driven management approach, we’re confident that we can help you achieve your enrollment and timeline goals.

PRC monitors can be seamlessly integrated into our sponsor’s study team or kept separated as part of the blinded and unblinded monitoring team strategy.

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Hybrid Approach

Our primary objective when it comes to monitoring is to optimize efficiency. To achieve this, we undertake a thorough evaluation of the monitoring activities that can be executed remotely and those that require on-site attention. By incorporating these efficiencies into our plans, we ensure that every moment spent on-site is utilized effectively and that our monitoring approach is as streamlined as possible.

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