Joshua Elvert, Senior Business Development Manager at PRC Clinical, attended the 2018 Veeva R&D Summit in Philadelphia, PA, this week. Here is what he learned and why we believe this is an important summit for any clinical trial professionals and decision-makers looking for more agile and integrated eClinical solutions.

Fast-Moving, User-Driven eClinical Software

Veeva Systems has developed powerful, cross-functional eClinical solutions over the past few years, but it didn’t stop there. The platform keeps getting better as the technology is evolving and advancing forward quickly: Veeva has adopted an agile development approach, where 50% of the updates are originating directly from user requests. This attention to users and their feedback is paramount to the quality of the platform and the success of Veeva today. It is one of the main reasons PRC Clinical chose to adopt it and is implementing Veeva’s eClinical suite among current and future clinical trial Sponsors.

A Window Into The Future

Delegates were very attentive to the future of Veeva and how they’re working to develop and improve eClinical systems. As Veeva has multiple platforms, paired with a unified, cross-functional approach, attendees were excited about various improvements and changes across the suite. Most conversations at the event touched on the Veeva roadmap, its vision, and goals for the years to come. The excitement was palpable and the feeling of being among the first to learn about upcoming features made the event feel very special.

Actionable Insights in an Interactive Format

The quality of speakers and the interactivity of the sessions were notable: We particularly enjoyed the role-playing session by the CDMS (Clinical Data Management System) presenters. Veeva Vault CDMS eliminates the need for multiple tools with a single clinical data management application that combines coding, EDC, data cleaning, and reporting. In clinical trials, perceptive-taking is essential, and Veeva demonstrated just that in an entertaining fashion.

The atmosphere was very enjoyable, and the networking event took place at the gorgeous Barnes Foundation where Veeva had an artist creating live art and a violinist.

Following the summit, we look forward to learn more about Veeva’s CTMS, CDMS, and Quality platforms, and keep building a successful partnership to benefit clinical trial development and the Sponsors we support.


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